Walls + Forms Expands Family of Tool Displays


wallforms-toolsWalls + Forms, Inc., an innovator in displays, wall systems, and signage, recently expanded its family of tool displays:

Versaflex Framing System with Light Boxes features high-quality, low-profile aluminum extrusions with hidden connectors. Its design profile allows for graphics to either be front, top, or side loaded. This allows for designs of an array of different products.

Tool Cribs are designed to create a branded presence anywhere in a retail environment that its 8-foot-high-by-4-foot-wide footprint can fit. They can be wall mounted, attached to gondolas as an end cap, and can be mounted in back-to-back configuration creating an outpost in the middle of a room. A backlit header provides optimum branding. Grid versions allow for a graphic to be placed on the back panel.

Triangular Grid Displays comprise grid panels and a variety of connecting hardware with or without bases. 24-inch wide panels in a 4, 5, 6, and 7-foot height are available. Graphic header options combine to give you flexible display platforms to configure and reconfigure unique merchandising solutions.

H Grid Display is a 84-inch-high-by-52-inch-wide-24-inch-deep heavy duty metal slat grid that is designed for multiple power tools and accessories. A top graphic header for logo and branding includes a graphic. The grid display’s versatility allows for easy assembly both as a single or a double sided fixture, and it accepts a variety of hanging brackets for tools. The H Grid Display is ready to assemble in a 48-inch-by-40-inch-by-12-inch carton that weighs 175 lbs.