Walls + Forms Helps AT&T Create New Store Design

WallsForms-ATTWirelessWalls + Forms, Inc., an innovator in displays and wall systems with an expanding presence in the wireless industry, just partnered with AT&T wireless to create a versatile and flexible retail store experience. Their innovative modular frame system was used to create a brand new solution in wireless merchandising.

As a result of the AT&T Wireless new store design, AT&T dealers are able to select unique wall systems to display their AT&T products and services. AT&T dealers can easily customize their location to accommodate changes to colors, promotions, and store layout.

The store design features Tech Wall, an easy-to-assemble modular wall-mounted ensemble designed to create “open space” between wall and display used to conceal electrical circuitry, cabling, and equipment.

Also featured is the Walls + Forms modular frame system. The approach is elegant in its simplicity. The design is based around simple to install modular frames that can be mounted to walls. Once the frames are in place, panels of various sizes, colors, shapes, and types can be dropped into place using built in keyhole slots. Panel components are completely interchangeable. Panel locations automatically provide opening slots for hardware. Wire management is provided by the frame design itself, resulting in no visible wires, easy access, and quick interchangeability.

Co-op programs are available. For more information, call 972/745-0800 or visit www.wallsforms.com.