Wayfinding with Latest Version of Omnivex Moxie


Omnivex-Moxie-Software-1Omnivex Corporation, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, has announced the release of version 6.08 of their innovative Moxie software. The release includes a new wayfinding module, plus a variety of usability and performance enhancements to better serve Omnivex customers and their unique needs. The latest features of Moxie 6.08 will be demonstrated at the upcoming InfoComm trade show in Orlando, Florida.

One of the most highly anticipated additions is the new wayfinding module. Historically, interactive wayfinding maps used predefined routes from point A to point B. With Moxie, the software is able to determine the shortest route, while taking into account current conditions and then dynamically generate the best option. All of this can be accomplished without any scripting or special skills by the operator and changes can be made in minutes by a trained user.

“Customers have been using our software to deploy wayfinding applications for years, but with this release, we are changing how wayfinding will be managed,” explained Jeff Collard, president, Omnivex. “The system is able to respond in real-time to various factors, such as current traffic conditions, and adjust its suggested route accordingly.”

This capability makes Moxie a more intuitive and sophisticated system than competing software products that offer only preset map options.

Omnivex Moxie even has the ability to send an SMS message with the directions or print a copy of the map for their reference. The software can also interface with a facility’s existing infrastructure, such as the fire detection system, so that it is able to respond automatically to emergency evacuation notices and other time sensitive elements, further broadening the scope of its applications.

In addition to its wayfinding capability, there are a number of feature upgrades and modifications in Moxie 6.08 that improve upon its functionality and versatility. Ease of use enhancements include improved playlist capabilities, as well as dozens of changes intended to make every day activities quicker and more manageable. MSMQ has also been replaced with TCP to provide faster and more reliable communication between applications. Additionally, improved encryption control will make for greater security and stability for user networks.

Moxie has been honored with numerous awards within the digital signage industry. Most recently, Omnivex won a Gold APEX Award for their Moxie-powered digital signage deployment at Destination Shuttle Services in Los Angeles, California, where the software is used to deliver location specific digital content to passengers onboard shuttle buses and in surrounding hotels. The release of Moxie 6.08 further establishes Omnivex as an innovator within the digital signage industry.

For more information about Omnivex Moxie, visit www.omnivex.com/moxie.