Delivering a new visual experience in Abu Dhabi for racing fans, Daktronics partnered with Yas Marina Circuit to manufacture and install three LED displays at the venue. The new halo, podium and cool-down room displays were delivered in 2023 ahead of major racing events that were completed this fall.

Video Display Details

Two displays featuring 4.4-millimeter pixel spacings and one display featuring 0.9-millimeter pixel spacing were installed in 2023. The cool-down room features the tightest pixel spacing for up-close viewing and greater appeal to television and video cameras as this display is located in the room where the top three drivers gather prior to receiving their trophies. This display features Integrated Matrix Device (IMD) technology and 4K resolution while measuring 2.06 meters high by 3.66 meters wide.

The halo display is located near the track to appeal to racing fans throughout the race. It can also be used for standing and sponsorships as it measures 1.6 meters high by 17.92 meters wide.

The podium display brings light to sponsorships and desired racing messages while it measures 0.32 meters high by 61.44 meters wide. Its location below the halo is prime for viewership as all eyes are in this direction for the racing results and highlighting the top three drivers.

“Yas Marina is a world-class racing venue; we are honored they have chosen Daktronics for their premier display locations and we look forward to many more projects together,” said Mathieu Verbraken from Daktronics Dubai.

Daktronics LED displays can be integrated to show coordinated content for a fully connected visual experience. The cool down room display is capable of variable content zoning allowing it to show multiple zones of content, if desired. It can highlight live video or pre-recorded content as well as animations, logos and sponsorships, and other content needed by the venue.