Drytac® Introduces EliteCoater™ Aqueous Liquid Coating System

Drytac has introduced the EliteCoater™, a new system that applies water-based liquid coating to inkjet canvas and fine art paper up to 44 inches wide. An ideal solution for those who want the benefits of liquid lamination without the hassle of hand application, the EliteCoater ensures an even finish and enhanced colors on any graphic print.

The EliteCoater features easy installation on any tabletop surface, a process speed up to two feet/minute, a drip pan to collect excess coating, and the ability to coat other media with the use of an optional Mayer bar. Minimal effort is required to set up and operate the system – users simply feed cut sheets through the coating head that evenly distributes coating across the prints.

“The EliteCoater is an excellent alternative to handheld rollers or sprayers. Sprayers atomize liquid coatings, causing overspray and reducing the likelihood of consistent, even application in addition to creating health concerns associated with inhaling the coating,” notes Nate Goodman, Drytac product manager. “With the EliteCoater, these problems are eliminated. There is very little waste, clean-up is significantly reduced, and prints look amazing when they come out of the machine.”

Drytac recommends EnduraCoat™ Color Capture™ and Intego aqueous liquid coatings for use with the EliteCoater. Both provide added durability and can protect prints from cracking, fading, and abrasion.



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