Unisource Supports SGP with Silver Patronage

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry, today announces its newest Silver Patron, Unisource Worldwide, Inc. Unisource offers a comprehensive suite of customer solutions, including engineered design capabilities, eBusiness technologies, logistics expertise, paper brokerage services, and environmentally-responsible options. Leading by example, Unisource supports the SGP Certification standard and the assurance it provides to customers that a Certified printer is a responsible printer. The company recognizes SGP Certification as a diligent and hard-earned standard that demonstrates leadership amongst its recipients.

“Unisource is on a mission to be the leading green business--from source to solution--for all of our stakeholders,” comments Andrew Gustyn, Director of Sustainability, Unisource. “We assume the responsibility to actively offer our customers products in all areas that are a better choice for our environment and to support their sustainability objectives. We will identify and offer our customers product alternatives in every category where a third-party endorsement, certification, or documented set of environmentally preferred practices exist.”

“SGP is in its current growth path because of the support of companies such as Unisource,” states Gary Jones, Vice-Chair, SGP Technical Advisory Committee. “Unisource has made sustainability a priority, and has shown clear leadership in its support of individual printing facilities who have also embraced this movement. Unisource’s support of SGP is another way it is showing its leadership, and should be commended for its commitment.”

Unisource recognizes that sustainability is no longer just an added business initiative -- it’s a must-have in an increasingly competitive industry. To help its printing customers improve their sustainability efforts, Unisource developed the respect™ Printers’ Program and the unisourcegreenfinder® paper procurement tool. http://unisourcegreen.com/Paper_GreenFinder.asp?lJSTest=1&

A number of SGP Certified printers are a part of Unisource’s respect™ Printers Program, which connects eco-friendly printers, designers, and customers that share green commitment in the supply chain. The unisourcegreenfinder® http://unisourcegreen.com/Paper_GreenFinder.asp?lJSTest=1& is an online database that allows print customers to select and be matched up with the ‘green’ paper attributes they desire. It also links to the Unisource list of respect™ and SGP Certified Printers, which allows the customer to contact a printer that can complete the Chain of Custody and apply the applicable label(s).

In addition to supporting SGP, Unisource actively participates with organizations such as Two Sides, Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), Carbon Canopy,and the Rainforest Alliance. Since 2008, Unisource has partnered with WhatTheyThink on the Annual Environmental Innovation Awards, which recognize companies that are making real and concrete contributions towards innovation, implementation, and communication of environmental solutions. In the Unisource workplace, high efficiency lighting and motion detectors to help reduce power. Most of the company’s buildings also have been transitioned to the use of green cleaning products; the employees recycle electronics and warehouse waste to divert from landfills.



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