Greg Doucette Purchases the Print House

Print House
Greg Doucette, second generation owner of Print House.

On January 2, 2022, a torch was passed from father to son when Greg Doucette finalized the purchase of Print House from his father, Paul Doucette, who has owned and run the company since 1983. From direct mail to promotional products, no orders are too large or small for this company based in Malden, Massachusetts.

Greg, who is now the official president of Print House, says his highest priorities are customer satisfaction, expanding service offerings, improved processes, employee happiness and the commitment to becoming a greener and sustainable company.

Paul started his journey in the 1970s. While working as a licensed aircraft mechanic, he decided to venture into smaller machinery repair.

Having the principles of keeping his clients happy with the best quality, in 1982, Paul made the career move and purchased Circle Graphics. In January of 1983, The Print House was born.

Over four decades, Paul has created a printing family that has gratefully served clients all around the Boston region.

From the large health care industry to a small business just starting out, Print House has put the same dedication into every marketing and promotional product as he would for the next customer.

Greg, who grew up inside the walls of Print House as a kid, doesn’t plan on making many significant changes to the company right away.

Most of what Print House is today, is because Paul and Greg have worked together on a shared vision and commitment over the years and with the help of their team, have implemented new services and capabilities along the way.

“[This year] marks a huge year for Print House—not only because of this transition, but because we are in the best position to serve our customers and grow what we can offer them,” says Greg. “From as early as I can remember, I watched my father run this business with integrity and prioritizing attention to details, and I can say with confidence, that won’t change.

“With the help from our team, a lot of them from the early days with my father, we remain as committed to growing this company from the foundation he built. I’m very excited to lead Print House into the future.”

So what is the future of Print House?

The company foundations are strong and will remain intact. Yet, there is no end in sight on the horizon. They plan to grow and evolve with technology, capabilities, and more options for their current and future clients, while concentrating efforts to keep their environmental impact as minimal as possible.

—Press Release