Our Top Business Management Stories of 2021

Operations was a hot topic this year as companies continued to deal with the ongoing pandemic, remote work, and an exhausted workforce. And this experience was no different in the sign industry.

If you’re looking for tips on dealing with stress, employee retention, the supply chain, and better managing your employees, check out our top eight business management stories from the year, below.

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Employee Needs That Drive Business Success

Learn the six facets of human needs that leaders must take into account in order to expect teams to perform at the highest level possible.


3 Tips For Leaders To Steady The Ship When Employees Lose Their Balance

Valuable tips for leaders to spot, address, and help out-of-balance employees.


Having Trouble Finding Workers?hiring manufacturing jobs

A look at the jobs crisis affecting the sign industry and many others.


4 Tips on How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Learn what imposter syndrome is and 4 techniques to overcome it.


10 Skills Great Salespeople Must Possess

A breakdown of 5 teachable and non-teachable skills for all salespeople.


Dealing with Competitors

As a sign maker, learn how to survive when your market becomes overcrowded with competitors.

employee burnout

3 Tips To Combat Burnout

Tips for you and your employees looking to combat workplace burnout naturally.





Material & Labor Shortages Continue to Challenge Businesses

A sign maker explains how to deal with material and labor shortages in the sign industry.