ISA’s David Hickey Named 2024 Leading Association Lobbyist

Association Lobbyist
ISA Vice President of Advocacy David Hickey.

David Hickey, the International Sign Association’s vice president of advocacy, has been named one of the Association Trends’ 2024 Leading Association Lobbyists. The award was presented on February 27 in Washington, D.C.

Hickey was cited for leading ISA and the sign, graphics, and visual communications industry in developing a collaborative approach to planners and city leaders who regulate the sign industry.

Under Hickey’s leadership, more than 9,000 local planners have been trained by ISA, using the research and resources of the Sign Research Foundation. He also oversaw ISA’s two amicus briefs to the Supreme Court of the United States that positively influenced the Austin v. Reagan case.

“ISA is one of the few industry associations that works at the local, state and federal levels,” said Lori Anderson, ISA’s president and CEO. “Advocating on behalf of our industry across thousands of jurisdictions on multiple issues isn’t easy, but David has led the charge. This award is well deserved, and ISA and the industry celebrate alongside David.”

Hickey joined ISA in 2006 after working on Capitol Hill for a Senator and U.S. Representative. He received his J.D. from the Catholic University of America and his BA from the University of Albany.

“I’m honored to be recognized for doing something that I really believe in and enjoy, which is promoting the sign, graphics, and visual communications industry,” said Hickey. “Of course, I wouldn’t be able to successfully represent our industry without my colleagues Kenny Peskin and James Carpentier or without the leadership of Lori Anderson.

“Along with the rest of my fellow ISA staff, we make an excellent and effective team that has achieved great things.”

ISA’s collaborative approach to working with planners includes dedicated research and education programs. In April, ISA will exhibit at the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference where Hickey and his team will meet with thousands of planners.

As part of ISA’s ongoing outreach to planners and local officials, ISA has a web page of useful information you can access.