Provis Graphic Converts Its 3D Printing Capacity to Fight the COVID-19 War

Provis Graphic has converted its 3D printing capacity to produce face shields.

Provis Graphic™, a leading wholesale manufacturer of precision LED-illuminated signage, has converted its 3D printing capacity—normally used to produce illuminated signage—to produce face shields to protect frontline healthcare and law enforcement professionals fighting the war against COVID-19.

“Protecting our employees, communities, law enforcement professionals, and healthcare workers on the front line in the battle against COVID-19 is our first and foremost priority. Period. The continued good health of our communities, and the continuity of our business operations would not be possible without them,” said Sasa Smajlovic, founder, Chairman and CEO of the Provis Group of Companies.

Kenan Hanhan, founding partner and President of Provis Graphic LLC, the Minneapolis-based U.S. branch office of Provis Graphic adds, “In the United States, we respectfully ask the White House Administration to coordinate sourcing and purchasing of critical PPE and ventilators to avoid price surges and allocate supply where it is needed the most, by not allowing States to compete against one another.

“We also recommend immediate implementation of the Federal Defense Production Act.”

The allocation of Provis Graphic protective shields is currently focused on the immediate Region surrounding Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Provis Graphic production is based. Once local needs are satisfied, Provis Graphic will make its face shields immediately available for export to communities in need in the United States. Additionally, Provis Graphic will make its face shield production files available free-of-charge for anyone in the United States who has 3D printing capacity to join the battle against COVID-19.

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