Terraboost Media OOH Advertising Succeeds in Age of COVID-19

OOHThe success of the out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector hinges on views of strategically placed billboards along busy highways, in transportation hubs, and pedestrian-filled urban areas. However, “Stay home” orders have dramatically reduced time spent in cars and commuting, and as cities gradually re-open, it’s unclear how far people will venture.

One OOH advertising agency is uniquely positioned to overcome these challenges.

Over the past fourteen years, Chicago-based Terraboost Media has aggregated an impressive network or more than 90,000 jumbo, 5-foot-tall hand-sanitizing billboards strategically positioned at the front doors of America’s largest supermarket and drugstore chains.  Since the pandemic began, usage/engagement with the company’s billboards is up more than twelve times, when most other forms of OOH are down.

Supermarkets report that nearly every customer uses at least one hand-sanitizing wipe, resulting in a dramatic spike in engagement with the advertising message and attention on the advertiser. The company estimates approximately 126 million people engage with its hand sanitizing billboards on a daily basis and reach about 84 percent of the U.S. population each month.

The company’s founders, brothers Brian and Brett Morrison, call their network “Purpose-Driven Advertising” because companies that sponsor ads on its platform do much more than post an ad—they literally demonstrate to the communities they serve how much they care about local well-being. It’s advertising that both gives back and generates goodwill for the marketer (because the public thinks that advertisers are providing the sanitizing stations) and for the venue where the kiosk is located.  It’s a true win-win, as the host venues are able to provide essential safety products to their shoppers, while the advertiser gets up to ten seconds of mindshare in front of their target audience (along with a dose of wellness and safety).

OOHA large majority (94 percent) of shoppers surveyed have a positive opinion of a company sponsoring hand-sanitizing billboards. Terraboost frequently donates space to non-profits and have many exciting initiatives in the works to further reinforce its Purpose-Driven mission.

President Brian Morrison reports that since the coronavirus pandemic hit, his media team has been busier than ever, as advertisers recognize the high level of engagement available via these hand-sanitizing billboards at America’s most admired retailers—ones that are still experiencing high levels of traffic.

Also many new retailers are attempting to secure the company’s wellness products as part of their re-opening plans. However, with usage of hand sanitizer and wipes up 1200 percent, Morrison says that his first priority is to ensure its current customers were getting taken care of with supply. The company is adding additional customers, slated to roll out over the summer, now that Terraboost’s manufacturing has adapted to today’s new reality and an increased demand.