CCO EDU Formed to Focus on Training Providers


The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO) is excited to announce the formation of CCO Education Services LLC (CCO EDU).

One of the core elements in CCO’s mission has been to improve the standards of knowledge. While CCO certification is a vital element in creating safer job sites, the quality of preparatory training is an essential component of certification.

To that end, CCO EDU has been formed as a new subsidiary of CCO. CCO EDU will focus on developing, auditing, and approving a network of “accredited” training providers. The “accredited” training providers will be required to meet stringent training standards.

Additionally CCO EDU will also develop basic training materials that can be used by training providers and the industry to improve the overall level of training for CCO certification candidates. To achieve this goal, CCO EDU will establish a committee of training subject matter experts to develop training material.

“CCO recognizes the importance of training to increase safety in the industry,” said Thom Sicklesteel, CEO, CCO. “CCO remains dedicated to being the Gold Standard of certification and to partnering with training providers to improve the quality of training to prepare candidates for CCO certification exams.”

More information on the training provider accreditation program, training materials, and the formation of committees will be available in January 2024.