New Laser Machine to Capitalize on the Great Resignation

AP Lazer SN2616LR

AP Lazer® introduces a new entry-level laser machine, the AP Lazer SN2616LR, featuring a low rider carriage cart, allowing the machine to effortlessly move from its standard position to the floor with a simple press of a button. The new patented model can engrave any object without size and weight limitations.

Designed for profit-seeking hobbyists ready to scale their business to the next level, the new machine targets a large segment of the population who join a growing trend of startup entrepreneurs and become part of the Great Resignation. The AP Lazer SN2616LR is armed with 60-watt CO2 laser power and a 26-by-16-inch cutting and engraving area.

While the customization market continues to grow in popularity, the SN2616LR provides the business owner with an entrée to a less competitive part of that market—large object customization, which includes floor engraving. The new laser machine provides entrepreneurs with the ability to expand in the rapidly accelerating and profitable emotional marketplace.

Side Hustle Nation reports 45 percent of working Americans, 70 million, have a side hustle. In the past ten years, hobby laser machines, along with other low-cost personalization machines, such as vinyl cutters, sublimation printers, screen printing and embroidery machines, have entered basements, and garages of homes. Creative hobbyists have realized great success through channels such as Etsy, e-commerce, and social media. Their products have touched the hearts of buyers.

“From 2020 to 2021, during COVID-19, our sales went up by 50 percent with 90 percent of that growth from business startups. That’s when we decided to speed up our entry-level business machine development,” said Tong Li, AP Lazer® CEO and inventor of the machine.

Previously all hobby laser machines could only engrave small objects, and low-cost hobby machines come with minimal tech supports, leaving business owners struggling and stuck with simple technical obstacles. Small business owners, especially side hustle hobbyists, routinely work off hours, weekends, and holidays.

With a patented open architecture and a low rider carriage cart which moves the laser to any height, SN2616LR can easily engrave furniture and home décor, floors and pavements, doors and windows, and wine barrels and bottles—along with anything a hobby laser can engrave and cut. It can also lead entrepreneurs to enter the funeral market to engrave caskets, cremation urns, granite monuments, memorial keep sakes, and pet memorial products—another fast growing market in recent years.

AP Lazer provides a 24/7/365 tech support on all their machines, saving time for entrepreneurs to grow the businesses they love.

“Stepping into the emotional marketplace without size and weight limitations is both exciting and profitable,” said Li.  “So far, the business world focuses on spending billions to run emotional marketing ads pretending to fill the emotional needs of the consumers. Creating meaningful products by engraving sentiments that evoke love, inspiration or special memories on something even as mundane as a dollar store wine glass, can directly satisfy a customer’s emotional need, and generate high meaningful profit. That’s a huge difference compared with running high-cost emotional ads.

“In the emotional marketplace, all sentimental needs are satisfied with meaningful products—that’s a revolution.”

—Press Release