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Matching Your Project Needs with the Right Light Pole Sign

Outdoor advertising is evolving. Let’s explore the new Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign features and the income potential it brings. Traditionally, light poles have been overlooked for extra income because there hasn’t been a way to tap into their potential. However, with advancements in light pole sign technology and design, light poles present an untapped potential for revenue generation.

This overview looks at a new light pole sign system. It provides reliable hardware, customizable signage options, changeable messages, and pole covers. By using sponsored ads, property owners can earn a steady monthly income, turning their light poles into profitable advertising platforms.

Revealing Opportunity: The All-New Game-Changing Light Pole Sign System

Introducing the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign, a versatile sign bracket designed to accommodate aluminum composite sign boards, vinyl banners, or a combination of both, offering the most adaptable and innovative sign solution available. Featuring a spring pivot swivel system that allows for gentle rotation, releasing wind pressure and enhancing durability. Constructed from sleek powder-coated aluminum, this bracket has undergone rigorous wind testing, withstanding speeds of up to 85 mph. Additionally, safety straps ensure the brackets remain securely attached to the pole, even in extreme weather conditions.

What is the History of This Sign Product?

Originating in 2012, the concept for the spring swivel bracket emerged from a car dealership in Southern California facing challenges with traditional pole banner hardware and vinyl banner damage during the Santa Ana wind season.

Since its initial installation, the brackets have endured numerous storms while maintaining functionality and are still up and working today. Over time, significant enhancements have been made to improve performance.

Has This Product Been Wind Tested?

To evaluate wind resistance, a unique DIY wind test was conducted. Using a 4” square pole welded to a 48” steel plate secured to a pickup truck bed, a 24” x 72” 6mm aluminum composite sign board with a 24” x 48.25” wrap-around banner attached with Velcro was tested.

Driving cautiously on local back streets, speeds gradually increased up to 85 mph, with the sign exhibiting no signs of stress or malfunction. This comprehensive testing confirms the Swivel Pro Light Pole Signs effectiveness in withstanding high winds, surpassing expectations for performance and reliability.

Is this Product Safe?

With a focus on safety and durability, the Sure Grip Pole Banner Brackets attach securely to the light pole using two hose clamps and a safety strap, ensuring steadfast attachment under all circumstances.

Designed to withstand extreme weather events, these brackets prevent detachment during catastrophic failures, with the added assurance of a safety strap for extra peace of mind. (The lower section features a vinyl banner securely attached using Velcro on three sides, while wrapping around the remaining side for enhanced wind resistance.)

What Sign Types Work on the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign Brackets?

Aluminum Composite Sign Boards

Full Print Direct to Aluminum Sign Board (Long Term Use)

Pole Pocket Vinyl Banners

Full Color Pole Pocket Vinyl Banner (Medium Term Use)


Full Print Direct to Aluminum Sign Board With Changeable Wraps (Short Term Use)

How Does the Aluminum / Vinyl Banner Combination Work?

A variety of graphic solutions are available depending on your specific requirements. The aluminum composite sign board, when paired with either full or partial vinyl banner wraps, offers versatility for quick and effortless graphic changes.

Here are some options to consider:

  1. Sign boards can be left blank and entirely covered with vinyl banners. (full banner wraps)
  2. Sign boards can feature full prints, allowing for the bottom portion to be easily changed or rotated while maintaining a seamless design flow. (partial banner wraps)

Ideal for various purposes such as sales events, conveying messages, showcasing sponsors, and more. The full or partial banner wraps securely attach to the aluminum composite sign board using Velcro on three sides, wrapping around seamlessly to the other side. This setup ensures easy installation and affordability while maintaining a cohesive appearance.

Furthermore, this solution has undergone wind testing up to 85 mph, with the vinyl banner remaining securely in place and taut, ensuring durability and reliability even in adverse weather conditions. The additional marketing concept here is renting this space to the right opportunity earning residual income. This concept works great for car dealerships, sports facilities, cities, schools, churches, airports, etc.

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Presenting the Aluminum Composite Pole Cover – Let’s Bring it All Together!

This Aluminum Composite Pole Cover is a durable solution that extends your advertising space by 12” to 18” in width, offering more valuable signage real estate. Compatible with both single and double Swivel Pro Light Pole Signs, this cover allows for versatile messaging options. When utilizing a double sign board, the center pole cover enables the creation of wider messages, ideal for showcasing horizontal logos like Ford or Chevy, images of cars, food and beverages, and additional text which reads better when it’s big and horizontal. Beyond expanding ad space, this concept revitalizes the look of your signage, drawing attention and reinforcing your brand identity. Additionally, it discreetly conceals the underlying pole, adding a unique touch to your advertising display.

In Conclusion:

In the fast-paced world of modern business, seizing opportunities is paramount. As you’ve seen, the innovative Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign system offers a game-changing solution for maximizing revenue potential from otherwise overlooked assets. With its durable construction, wind-tested reliability, and versatility in accommodating various sign types, this system opens doors to lucrative advertising opportunities. Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your light poles into dynamic advertising platforms. Act now to unlock the full potential of your projects with the right light pole sign. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards harnessing the power of effective signage for your business.

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