Trotec Adds Eco-Friendly Wood Products to Materials Line


Trotec Laser, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has added an innovative eco-friendly wood material to its growing materials product portfolio. Designed for laser processing, TroCraft Eco products are sustainable, recyclable, fully biodegradable, and emissions-neutral.

The new wood-based material combines the properties of sheet metal, composites, and plastics—making it stable, flexible, and permanently malleable (just like metal sheets).

Made from high-quality cellulose fibers, TroCraft Eco is manufactured without chemical additives, binders, or bleach, which means the material is safe for people and animals.

Due to its low weight and easy processing, TroCraft Eco is also a great solution for interior design, model making, and industrial design.

Warren Knipple, president at Trotec Laser, says that eco-friendly TroCraft Eco is ideal for a number of specialized applications, but the company also launched the product to meet the needs of a growing number of businesses who prefer to use sustainable and recyclable materials to make creative individual pieces.

“TroCraft Eco meets the needs of our customers who need safe, chemical-free materials for applications such as food packaging, toys, or architectural modeling,” Knipple explains. “But it’s also an answer to a growing trend toward the manufacturing of sustainable products, including toys, interiors, furniture, and vehicle construction, to name a few.

“And best of all, it cuts like butter!”

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