MUTOH America Introduces New Multi-purpose Printer

Multi-purpose printer

MUTOH America has announced the launch of its new 24-inch-wide multi-purpose inkjet printer, the ValueJet 628MP.

This new, reliable printer has been improved with enhanced capabilities including the use of “MP31” ink, which delivers exceptional prints on a wide variety of substrates. MP31 ink is equivalent to eco-solvent ink in weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and color development while providing a smooth, natural finish that brings out the natural appearance of the substrates.

The ValueJet 628MP multi-purpose printer with MUTOH’s MP31 ink combination caters to a wide spectrum of needs, including high-mix low-volume production—making it perfect for crafting gifts, and novelties, as well as package prototypes, shrink wrap proofing, labels, and more.

Its compact design and unique printing capabilities open doors to fresh, creative possibilities, delivering reliable and consistent prints.

ValueJet 628MP Key Features:
  • Enhanced Color Gamut: Up to eight colors, including light inks or spot-color inks (orange, blue, and green).
  • Spot Color Inks: The addition of spot color inks extends the color gamut and enhances color saturation, providing a broader palette for your artistic expressions.
  • Smoother Gradation Expression: Light inks contribute to smoother gradation in your prints, ensuring impeccable quality.
  • Improved Gray Balance and Color Adjustment: With Lk ink, the ValueJet 628MP achieves improved gray balance and precise color adjustments.
  • Exceptional Versatility: This multi-purpose printer excels in producing prints on an extensive range of substrates.
  • Ease of Use: With its user-friendly design and easy operation via PC using the bundled printer driver, the ValueJet 628MP simplifies your printing tasks.
  • Bundled Dedicated Software: “MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM).” Powered by MUTOH’s Award-Winning Genuine VerteLith™ RIP software, bundled with FlexiDESIGNER MUTOH Edition 21, a $2,199.00 value.

These new enhancements made to the ValueJet 628MP bring forward new print possibilities to its users. Ken Parsley, product manager at MUTOH America, emphasizes the versatility and reliability of the new multi-purpose printer’s versatility, saying, “The VJ-628MP’s MP31 ink, with its extended color gamut (including orange, green, and blue spot colors), is an ideal choice for proofing. Its adhesive properties enable printing on an extensive range of materials, both coated and uncoated, roll and rigid. This means proofing and packaging prototyping can be executed on the exact materials used in the final product.

“Its compact footprint and user-friendly operation make it ideal for design teams to house right in their offices.”

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—Press Release