Daktronics New Digital Billboard Series Receives Future-Proof Upgrades

Daktronics DB-6600Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, announces the release of the DB-6600, the company’s latest digital billboard solution, featuring additional memory and processing power that better supports the latest trends in programmatic advertising, audience measurement and mobile integration.

“With technology, the future depends on the choices you make now,” shared Lori Sieler, Daktronics OOH product manager. “Our displays are like your mobile phone; each new model offers expanded capabilities. When we looked at the future needs in OOH, it was clear that the industry’s digital billboards need more memory and power to properly handle the trends we see today, as well as those we forecast 10 years down the road.”

Key features of the DB-6600 include:

  • Additional memory and processing power, future-proofing digital billboards.
  • Latest generation of LED technology, increasing operating efficiency.
  • Neighborhood-friendly targeted light output and adjustable brightness (8,500 nits shipped).
  • Industry-standard 400 mm x 400 mm module, reducing number of components and failures.
  • Factory-integrated SmartLinkTM, allowing remote power control.
  • Parts support for 12 years and 10-year brightness guarantee.

In addition, Daktronics remains committed to delivering the industry’s leading lifetime image quality.

“Our customers represent brands and advertisers that expect print quality clarity, uniformity and accurate color representation,” shared Collin Huber, Daktronics OOH market manager. “We go the extra mile by incorporating a matte-black module coating, proprietary louver design, high-quality LEDs and tools like SNAP module auto-blending to ensure our displays keep looking their best as they age.”

Daktronics digital billboard product line is manufactured with global parts in South Dakota and supported within their factory in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Along with a range of digital billboard options, Daktronics offers a full array of indoor, eye-level and urban display technology for the out of home industry. The company also offers payment options and financing from industry-recognized lenders.