Newly Announced Dates for DSE 2023


Following a very successful DSE 2022 show in Las Vegas, DSE has decided to move the dates for their 2023 event from November 13-14 to December 4-5 (Expo) and December 3-5 (Conference).

Despite originally being a week earlier than a Formula 1 event taking place in Las Vegas around that time, DSE listened to the feedback from their customers, attendees, vendors, and the Las Vegas Convention Center) who raised concerns about the availability of hotels, cost of travel, and potential labor shortages.

As a result, DSE is moving the dates further away from the Formula 1 event to ensure everybody has the best possible experience and that another successful DSE event can be. held.

LDI and XLIVE will also be held in West Hall next door to DSE on the same dates to provide more synergy with those shows.