Watchfire Signs Awarded National Cooperative Contract by Equalis Group


Watchfire Signs, a leading provider of exterior and interior LED signs, has been awarded a national cooperative contract to provide digital scoreboards and video displays through Equalis Group, a cooperative purchasing organization. Equalis Group offers contracts through world-class partners that follow the industry’s most rigorous processes and procedures.

The agreement allows Watchfire to provide scoring and sports entertainment systems to K-12 schools, colleges and universities, local governments, and state agencies that source through the Equalis Group system. The competitively-solicited and publicly-awarded contract includes fixed-digit and video scoreboards, scorers table LED signs, and audio systems for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

“Our partnership with Equalis Group allows schools and municipalities to source reliable and beautiful sports boards easily, economically, and in compliance with legally-required competition for public contracts,” says Bob Ferrulo, Watchfire Sports Market Manager. “We are excited to be associated with this group.”

The public sector procurement process includes nuances and regulatory considerations to safeguard how dollars are spent, and can be confusing. “Our agreement with Watchfire will help purchasers navigate procurement guidelines and statutory requirements, while reducing costs, enabling them to concentrate on quickly securing the right solution for their sports needs,” said David J. Akers, Executive Vice President at Equalis Group.

—Press Release