Wrigley Field Project Honored with Crystal Nixel Award

Crystal Nixel Wrigley Field
True Curve™ brilliance takes center stage for Wrigley Field’s dazzling DraftKings Sportsbook display.

Nanolumens, world-class creators of True Curve LED displays, announced the winner for their eighth-annual Crystal Nixel Awards. This year’s award goes to McCann Systems and Gensler for their DraftKings Sportsbook installation at Wrigley Field.

This colossally curved dvLED display features an expansive 2,000-square-foot curved videowall with a bottom ticker that scrolls through scores, headlines, betting odds, and other stats.

“As partners go, McCann Systems and Gensler are top-notch and the Crystal Nixel Award for this installation is well-deserved. Their combined vision and execution in this domain were truly remarkable and successfully integrating the massive video wall structure is an extraordinary accomplishment,” says Nanolumens CEO Ney Corsino. “This, combined with their design concept, resulted in a breathtaking canvas capable of displaying twenty-five games simultaneously with exceptional clarity.

“Together we created an unmatched, immersive fan experience that is both awesome and enriching. We’re proud to recognize both project partners for their integration of our LED Nixel solutions. We look forward to working with these teams again.”

Visitors to Chicago’s Wrigley Field stadium can now watch their favorite sports in comfort at the new 17,000 square foot DraftKings Sportsbook. This display is located inside the historic 109-year-old Chicago Cubs baseball stadium and features Nanolumens’ patented Nixel™ Flex technology.

“Our Nixel product offers superior brightness, image quality, customization options, durability, and flexibility to meet the needs of Sportsbook operations to provide an engaging and exciting fan experience,” says Corsino, noting this award-winning display ensures that the Sportsbook can stay competitive and continue to provide top-notch customer experiences for many years to come.

The teams designed and installed a massive 2,000 square foot video screen, measuring 134-feet-wide-by-15-feet-high.

The video wall was designed to provide an immersive viewing experience for all guests, and Nanolumens’ dvLED wall is the highlight of the space as it wraps around the entire area being visible from practically any seat. It’s comprised of curved 2.5mm Nixel Flex with 5,100 Nixel cabinets (Tiles) and has nearly 30 million pixels spanning the screen.

—Press Release