YESCO Creates New Signs for Rainbow and Peppermill Casinos

Peppermill Casino.

YESCO, the one hundred-year-old company known for creating, repairing and maintaining internationally recognizable signs, announces the design, fabrication and installation of the Rainbow Casino and Peppermill Casino signs in Wendover, Nevada.

Both casinos, owned by Peppermill Casinos, Inc., are located off Interstate 80 in the Wendover Resorts complex; a fourteen-minute walk separates the two properties. Rainbow Casino opened in 1996 and Peppermill Casino opened in 1995.

“YESCO was proud to design, fabricate and install these news signs in Wendover,” said Ryan Young, vice president and region manager, YESCO. “These new signs required a high level of architectural detail and quality representative of these resorts.”

“We have invested millions of dollars in this multi-year renovation project,” said Terrence Spampanato, Peppermill Casinos, Inc. “YESCO was a great partner, and they did an outstanding job with the new signs.”

The Rainbow Casino sign.
The Rainbow Casino

The Rainbow Casino sign weighs 22,000 pounds and took YESCO 4,400 hours to fabricate and install.

The “Rainbow” letters are RGB LED and dynamically illuminated in the colors of the rainbow.

The sign was shipped to Wendover from Salt Lake City by semi-truck in six different sections.

The Peppermill Casino sign.
Peppermill Casino

Meanwhile the Peppermill Casino sign weighs 15,000 pounds and took 2,600 hours for YESCO to fabricate and install it.

YESCO installed the sign from the ground up. The footings are 12 feet-by-15 feet deep and required 64 yards of concrete.

The sign required clearance from the FAA as it is in the flight path of Wendover Airport.


YESCO specializes in the manufacture of custom electric signs, sign maintenance, and out-of-home advertising. In addition, YESCO operates sign and lighting service repair stores throughout North America as well as a sign financing business.

Thomas Young founded the company in Ogden, Utah, in 1920 after borrowing $300 from his father. YESCO began by offering wall painted advertisements, gold-leaf window lettering, and coffin plates.

Today, helmed by the second, third, and fourth generations of the founder’s family, YESCO creates, services and maintains award-winning displays for some of the most prestigious brands.

—Press Release