Acrilex Makes “Impressions”

Acrilex-TexturesAcrilex, Inc., producers and distributors of high-end, custom-colored acrylics, announces its Acriglas® Impressions textured line of acrylic sheets. This series of acrylic sheets is ideal for use in point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures, furniture, lighting, and architectural applications where tempered glass would not be a practical material choice.

Acriglas Impressions recreates the look of architecturally patterned glass with the ease of the fabrication and forming found in acrylic. There is no need to be a glazier or to have anything more than basic woodworking tools to work with Acriglas. Impressions are currently available in nine standard textures that can be easily customized to any specified color, and in less time than ordering a tempered glass product.

Acriglas Impressions textured acrylic sheets are available in a variety of sizes in addition to the existing patterned glass in 4-foot-by-6-foot sheets, and in thicknesses ranging from 1/8-inch-by-3/4-inch. All sheets can be custom cut or configured to meet all specifications.