Bird-B-Gone, Inc. ® Introduces Its Latest Bird Netting Tools – Powder-Actuated Fastening Tools

Bird-B-Gone, Inc., announces its latest bird netting tools – Hilti Powder-Actuated Fastening Tools, now available at Bird-B-Gone offers two models of the Hilti powder-actuated fastening tool: DX36M and DX460.

The powder-actuated fastening tools available at Bird-B-Gone make installing bird netting into wood, concrete or steel structures much easier than before. “There is almost nothing these tools can’t get through, from dry-wall to steel beams and bridges. We’ll be recommending the powder-actuated tools to all our authorized bird control installers who have large bird netting jobs that require repetitive fastening,” says Mike Dougherty, a Bird Control Engineer at Bird-B-Gone. “The DX460 is fully automatic, eliminating the need for an air compressor. that goes a long way when installing bird netting.”

The powder-actuated tools are designed for fastening applications where nails, threaded studs and composite fasteners are driven into concrete, steel and sand-lime block masonry. Hilti tools operate on a piston principle which provides the assurance of optimum operator safety and fastening reliability. “We want to ensure our customers have all the tools necessary to make installing bird netting as efficient and effective as possible, and the Hilti tools are definitely an asset to our collection,” says Dougherty.