BULBRITE Receives ADEX Award

Bulbrite-AdexBULBRITE recently received a Platinum Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) award for its 2012 EISA-compliant Halogen A19 lamp. The ADEX Awards honor product design of furniture, fixtures, and finishes marketed to the design trade.

The innovative, energy-efficient lamp fits all standard and dimmable lighting fixtures. It is available in four different styles (all use significantly less energy than standard incandescents): 29 watts, 43 watts, 53 watts, and 72 watts. Clear and soft white finishes are available, and the lamp uses a 120-volt lighting system. Each bulb has a life of 1000 hours and a lumen output ranging from 380 to 1490 lumens.

The new lamp is designed to comply with the 2012 Energy Independence and Security Act scheduled to take effect January 1st.

The upcoming legislation requires general service light bulbs to operate up to 30 percent more efficiently than current standards require. The new Eco-friendly Halogen A19 was introduced twenty months in advance to help lighting distributors, specifiers, and other professionals prepare for the lamp changes.

“Our EISA-compliant lamp has received a strong response from the industry,” said Cathy Choi, president of BULBRITE. “ADEX recognizes our technological advancements while highlighting the tremendous need to upgrade standard light bulbs by year’s end.”