Bulbrite Shines in Online Video

BULBRITE_LOGOBulbrite was recently featured in a video covering energy-efficient light bulbs on the energyNOW! Web site.

In “The Light Bulb Ban: Changing US Lighting Industry” video, correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan visits the Lightfair International trade show in Philadelphia to find the latest offerings in energy efficient bulbs. Among his visits, Mr. Sullivan speaks to Martha Delgado, product marketing manager for Bulbrite, who explains the U.S. government’s upcoming legislation, which is implementing a phase-out of inefficient incandescents.

“They [the U.S. Government] are trying to increase the efficiency of the bulb,” she says. “If you have a 100-watt bulb, you can only use 72 watts in 2012 to get the same brightness out of that bulb.”

As many consumers are beginning to suffer from “light bulb anxiety” and are unsure of adequate replacements for their traditional incandescent bulbs, Bulbrite announces the introduction of their Eco-Friendly Halogen A19 lamp.  Consumers will gain the benefits of higher efficiency and superior lighting quality without having to convert to CFLs (compact fluorescents) or LEDs (light emitting diodes).

The Halogen A19 is also a recent winner of the Platinum Award for Design Excellence (ADEX), is fully dimmable, and can last up to 1,000 hours.

In comparison to its incandescent replacements, Bulbrite’s Eco-Friendly Halogen A19 significantly reduces energy consumption without sacrificing light output, as shown below:

  • 29-watt Halogen A19 equals 40-watt incandescent
  • 43-watt Halogen A19 equals 60-watt incandescent
  • 53-watt Halogen A19 equals 75-watt incandescent
  • 72-watt Halogen A19 equals 100-watt incandescent

This unique lamp is available in four different wattages with both clear and soft white finishes.