Celtec Tackles a Variety of Jobs

Celtec-Graphics-webVycom’s Celtec® family of graphic and display materials is designed with a unique combination of features that makes them ideal for digital and screen printing, signage, display advertising, exhibits, POP, and more.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors including oversized sheets, Celtec is lightweight; easy to fabricate, paint, or laminate; and has excellent fastening characteristics. It also has superior UV performance, digital printability, precise die-cut ability and can be thermoformed.

For a recent Celtec Ultra White print job comprised of a series of backdrop display panels, the theme was a retro coffee shop with model close ups in black and white (pictured).  On-press expert Dene Taylor, Ph.D., of SPF-Inc., New Hope, PA, was brought in for quality assurance. “Black and white can be challenging, but we were printing on Vycom’s Ultra White outdoor signage material,” he said. “ It has an appealing high-sheen surface, much smoother than common expanded PVC grades. The large panel images had great contrast and the look of classic photography.”

Workability is another key issue according to sign firm owner Andy Dubbs of Metal Logos and More in Ralston, NE. “Celtec materials hold paint extremely well and cut and rout like butter,” he said.  “They truly perform for my retail and commercial clients, from retail and auto shops to indoor hockey rinks.  I use Matthews Paints, which covers Celtec’s edges extremely well and the final result is always highly professional.” 

Dubbs also likes the material’s ability to easily glue, add layers, and rout with his in-house CNC router to achieve a 3D look.  

Celtec PVC materials are lead and heavy metal free, which allows them to optimize performance while being better for the environment. Vycom is committed to sustainable methods of operations and manufacturing at all levels.