Driving Digital Signage and Employee Communications

In the summer of 2014, Entré Computer Solutions, a provider of IT services, decided to make a move towards entering the business of outdoor digital signage. The company’s current building is non-descript, and both drive-by traffic and customers alike had trouble recognizing the nature of its business. By integrating an outdoor digital signage solution, Entré would be able to promote its business, along with the products it sells.

The staff at Entré wanted to find a way to showcase the solution and be seen as a leader in the audio-visual business. Being located in a suburb of Chicago, the Entré team knew they needed to integrate a product that would be able to withstand all types of weather—from a hot, humid summer day to a below-zero snow day. The team also needed a solution that was cost-effective as funding was a concern.

Last Entré’s staff knew they needed a solution that complied with local signage laws before implementing anything on the side of the building.

The Solution

With all of the weather obstacles, Entré turned to Peerless-AV, another local Chicago-area business, for an all-seasons solution. Because Peerless-AV’s Xtreme™ Outdoor Displays are completely weatherproof, Entré knew that even with the inclement Chicago-weather, the displays would be able to withstand any of the elements.

In working with Peerless-AV, the Entré team decided to install a 2×2 video wall on the front of the building. Entré’s sales and marketing staff worked diligently to create a very specific pre-installation testing plan, which included staging the four Xtreme Displays along with an HP I5 computer with quad graphics cards and content from Navori Content Management Solutions and Accuweather.

“This critical testing phase allowed us to ensure the systems all worked well together and we were able to work out any bugs before the actual installation,” said Cathy Niliaram, Vice President & Sales Consultant, Entré Computer Solutions. “I highly recommend pre-staging to anyone whenever possible. It made for a smooth operation.”

The Results

Since the deployment, Entré Computer Solutions has been more than pleased with the result. Keeping the content simple has attracted visitors, but has not distracted drivers.

By creating co-op funds with vendors, Entré has been able to pay for the system and introduce its capabilities to customers. The company has been using the video wall to display vendor information, announcements, and special information, which have increased conversation points with customers.

“The easiest way for us to sell Peerless-AV is by using their products,” said Niliaram. “Seeing a fully functioning outdoor video wall in the middle of a blizzard will make a believer out of anyone.

“I am very much looking forward to our next project using the Peerless-AV Xtreme Displays.”

For more information about Peerless-AV Xtreme displays, please visit www.peerless-av.com.