Drytac® Sells UV Liquid Coating Division

Drytac®, an international manufacturer of adhesive-coated products and graphics finishing equipment and supplies, has signed a formal agreement with Advanced Finishing Technologies/Digital2You to sell its UV liquid coating division, including UV coaters and UV liquid coatings. The sale is a direct result of a recent corporate review during which Drytac® decided to shift its business strategy.

Going forward, Drytac® will focus on its expanded line of standard and custom adhesive-coated products. Jim Tatum, who previously managed Drytac®’s UV liquid coating division, will now champion the product line at Advanced Finishing Technologies. Advanced Finishing Technologies will continue to offer the same UV product lines with the same product names through various sales channels and the Digital2You dealer network.

“Jim’s knowledge of the UV liquids market is vast, and his familiarity with our UV liquid customers should ensure a smooth transition for both companies,” states Marc Oosterhuis, Drytac® president.

“This is a product line that I helped develop from the ground up so I consider this a great opportunity to advance liquid coating technologies. It’s both an honor and a challenge, but I look forward to continued success with the UV liquids line,” says Tatum.

It is important to note that Drytac® will retain its aqueous (water-based) liquid coating division, which offers both aqueous liquid coaters and liquid coatings to customers in the graphics finishing market. In addition, the company plans to introduce a new aqueous giclee coater and several liquid coatings during the SGIA Expo in Orlando, Florida, held October 23-25, 2013.