Four Industry Experts Present DSE Keynote

DSE-LogoDigital Signage Expo announced that its Thursday, March 8 Keynote entitled “Digital Signage: Eyes on the Future” will be presented by a panel of four prominent industry experts: 

  • Jose Avalos, Director of Retail & Digital Signage, Embedded & Communications Group, Intel Corp
  • Dr. Peter L. Bocko, Chief Technology Officer, Corning Glass Technologies, Corning Inc.
  • Janice Le Litvinoff, Senior Director/General Manager, Digital Media Systems Business Unit, Cisco
  • Lisa-anne Uhrmacher, Senior Manager, Business Development, Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint

The panelists will share their vision of the underlying technologies and driving forces that are shaping the future of the digital signage industry, including their thoughts on the following:

Growth. “Digital signage is at the heart of the ‘connected consumer’ revolution, creating opportunities for personalized consumer experiences,” says Avalos. “Despite a depressed worldwide economy, the digital signage industry continues to expand at a very rapid pace, with Intel now estimating 22 million signs by 2015.”

Convergence. “Public information displays must execute both convergence and divergence well in order to achieve their full potential and the industry must first solve materials and components challenges in order to adapt key technical facets and provide a compelling communal experience that has the capability for personalization,” says Bocko.

Integrated Applications. “Digital signage is evolving from one-way, non-interactive, beyond two-way interactive, to become more integrated with different solutions/use cases that touch multiple departments including sales, marketing, HR communications, contact center, executives,” says Litvinoff.

Connectivity.  “National deployments will be easier with a single connectivity solution, rather than a mosaic of various DSL and cable connections and wireless is becoming as reliable if not more so than traditional landline services, and in many cases more cost effective,” says Uhrmacher.

“DSE is proud to present a panel discussion that will provide a thought-provoking framework for now and future discussion on the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves as the industry evolves,” says Richard Lebovitz, educational director for Exponation, LLC, which produces DSE.

Digital Signage Expo® will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 6-9, 2012. To register for the March 8th Keynote address from 7:30-9:00 am, or any other seminars, visit