Halco’s ProLED Par38 Lamp Shines

HalcoThe ProLED Par38/18NW/FL/LED lamp from Halco Lighting Technologies® was recently selected as the Lamp and Ballast Category Winner in the 2011 EC&M Product of the Year competition. The competition was established to recognize the most advanced and prevailing electrical products introduced within the previous calendar year. This year’s category winners were prominently displayed at the 2011 Electric West Show. 

ProLED PAR38 lamps produce 1,240 lumens, providing a true 90W Halogen PAR38 replacement. Engineered for full-range dimming capabilities and a long life of 40,000 hours, this industry-best lamp provides up to 69 lumens per watt for $316 in energy savings. Halco offers the PAR38 in 18W, Natural White, with a five-year warranty to ensure optimum return on investment.