Lumenpulse Provides Some Mood Lighting


LumenpulseMoodRoom-150Lumenpulse Inc. recently created an interactive, artistic representation of how light can reflect and create moods entitled “Lumensquare.”

Visitors entered the tunnel-like space and selected one of four emotions using a dial control. They were then immersed in a light show reflecting their chosen emotion: a pulsating red beat representing “love”; soft oranges and yellows for “joy”; a startling strobe effect for “fear”; and a kaleidoscope of colors for “confusion.”

The exhibit was a part of “The Future of Light” event in December, which brought together a cross section of the lighting industry to celebrate innovations in lighting design and emerging lighting technologies.

“We wanted to show the relationship between light and emotion,” said Francois-Xavier Souvay, founder, president, and CEO of Lumenpulse, “This event gave us the opportunity to share our vision of how light is used to impact or reflect the senses and emotions by creating a unique environment—whether it be in art or practical applications.”