Mutoh Completes 2010 Hands-On School

Mutoh-HandsONMutoh calls it a wrap for its Hands-On School for 2010. The last wrap class was held at Mutoh’s Phoenix Office from December 9th through 11th.

Professional car wrap installer, Justin Pate, teaches his easy to understand system (UGIS) that works on any vehicle, with any vinyl material. Students are walked through how to properly and efficiently apply a car wrap from start to finish.

“The school was priceless!” shares Erik Geisler, who sent one of his employees to the class. “We feel confident we achieved everything we wanted to and more. Thank you for allowing us to participate. I will recommend others to your school.”

The two-day, beginner class informed students of proper tool usage, properties of the film, Justin’s UGIS system, and post-installation tips. During this two day workshop, students completely wrapped a vehicle from start to finish.

The one-day, advanced class furthered the student’s knowledge by integrating bumpers, deep recessed areas, increasing quality, and lowering install times.

For attending, all students received 2 DVDs- Techniques and Tips: Vehicle Installations and Speedwrap Xtra, as well as a NT Cutter A-551P knife, Avery squeegee, and a Bezomatic self-igniting top.

Students left with an in-depth understanding of graphic installation mechanics and a competitive advantage in the vehicle wrap industry.

Classes were sponsored by Avery Dennison, a recognized media manufacturer that develops innovative identification and decorative solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide. Avery provided their 1005 Supercast EZ RS print film and 1360 glossy overlaminate.