NatureWoven Compostable Signage

NatureWovenNeed a sign? Say goodbye to petroleum-based synthetics and embrace a new digitally printable, eco-friendly solution. NatureWoven™ now offers a picture-perfect solution to the digital imaging industry that is environmentally friendly and compostable for today’s world.  

NatureWoven products can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and are manufactured from 100 percent natural plant fibers andlatex. These materials require a fraction of the energy to manufacture compared to synthetic products and absorb large amounts of CO2 during growth. As consumers are inundated with billboards, banners, and point-of-sale signs, NatureWoven reduces the toxic waste and offers environmental signage materials for brands.

“Our products begin life as plants, become signage, and then complete their lifecycle as natural fertilizers that improve soil quality,” said Matt Devlin, NatureWoven’s VP Business Development – North America. “This fundamental shift towards sustainable raw materials in printing options has never been done before and should be embraced by the industry. It’s refreshing when brands such as Patagonia and Whole Foods use our products simply because it’s the right thing to do.” 

The NatureWoven range of products lead the global pursuit of commercializing sustainable materials and have been specifically developed for signs, wall art exhibition displays, billboards, and point-of-sale materials. This material can be disposed of at the end of its lifecycle within commercial composting facilities.

NatureWoven’s signature products, Chorus and Gossyp, are made out of non-petroleum based print media. Chorus, made from natural jute and backed with natural latex, is a highly durable material ideal for most out-of-home marketing campaigns. 

Gossyp, made from natural cotton and backed with natural latex, offers a high-definition, lightweight alternative ideal for large scale point-of-purchase materials. High definition printing, using a variety of inks and printers, produces signs that are visually stimulating, yet sustainable.

Advantages for both products:

  • Environmentally-friendly life cycle
  • Sustainable raw materials
  • All natural and biodegradable
  • Compostable after use / easy, guilt-free disposal
  • Low energy consumption and CO2 absorption during manufacturing process
  • Suitable for most ink types, ink carrier does not affect the compost ability (statement from the British Coatings Federation Ltd.)
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Natural look and feel

In addition to creating eco-friendly materials, NatureWoven aims to significantly reduce the non-compostable waste from printing activity. Commercial printers can contact their distributors for pricing.