New RTape Web Site Features Mobile Responsive Design

RTape Corp. has launched its new Web site at optimized for compatibility with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. “We felt that we needed to make the RTape site more mobile responsive,” says John Danio, VP of Marketing for Nekoosa Holdings. “At least 20 percent of all Web site visits today are on some type of mobile device. In coming years, that percentage will increase dramatically.”

Danio explains that mobile responsive design means that a Web site recognizes a mobile device and automatically optimizes the page view for that mobile device. That way all of the RTape content, images, and structure that appear on the desktop screen automatically format to correctly fit the mobile device screen.

“By redesigning our Web site we have greatly improved the viewing and search capabilities on a phone or tablet,” Danio explains. “The viewer no longer needs to fool around with zooming and shrinking the copy and images on the screen. That’s critical, because if viewers get frustrated, they leave.”

By redesigning the RTape Web site, all of the content automatically adjusts to the screen of the device. Reading the content and navigating the site is easy and convenient.

The new mobile-friendly Website represents RTape’s commitment to providing our customers with the most relevant and useful information. These changes complement RTape’s other efforts, which include a YouTube channel with technical videos and social media outlets, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

“[The] new Web site, with its technical resource center, allows us to share information, which can help customers do their jobs faster easier and better,” Danio says. “With over a billion smart phones in use in the world today, designing our website to be mobile responsive was just smart business.”