S-One Wins Two Stevie Awards

S-One is thrilled to announce that the company been honored with two Stevie Awards from the American Business Awards. For 2019, S-One was honored in two categories:

Company Book: Silver Stevie Award for the S-One 2019 Culture Book

Innovation of the Year: Bronze Stevie Award for the launch of HP Recycled Satin Canvas

The winners of the Stevie Awards were determined by the average scores of more than 200 professionals worldwide in the two-month judging process.

Stevie Awards
S-One 2019 Culture Book.
S-One 2019 Culture Book

The S-One 2019 Culture Book kicked off the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary year, filled with stories about their teammates and their product innovation and customer connections over the years. S-One also incorporated state-of-the-art print technologies into the publication, including digital embellishment with Scodix, unique covers with HP SmartStream Mosaic, and augmented reality with videos that enhanced the printed articles. You can access a digital version with videosof the S-One 2019 Culture Book or request a print copy HERE.

What the Stevie Awards Judges Said:

“Best internal vehicle ever. Celebratory, joy-filled, [and] information-packed. I read every page and learned a lot about the company and how it cares for its internal and external communities. Imagine how much the employees gather from its pages!”

Stevie Awards
HP Recycled Satin Canvas.
HP Recycled Satin Canvas

As the licensee of HP’s large-format media, S-One’s BMG has launched HP Recycled Satin Canvas. A first of its kind, this printable canvas is constructed with 100 percent recycled water bottles. This environmentally supportive innovation offers an entirely new identity for the print industry that runs counter to its long-standing “wasteful” stigma, as well as making a dramatic impact on the mounting issue of the world’s plastic trash. The development of the product included sourcing materials, manufacturing, product development, and all sales and marketing worldwide.

What the Stevie Awards Judges Said:

“Bravo, bravo!! I love that they have introduced a new product that is not only 100% recycled and environmentally friendly but is also helping to evolve an industry that hasn’t been environmentally-positive in the past. This is how you start a movement. Well done.”

The American Business Awards® are open to all organizations operating in the U.S.A., and feature a wide variety of categories to recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace. Stevie Award programs are held all over the world.

About S-One

S-One Holdings Corporation is a global holding company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, that oversees a number of subsidiary companies: ABAQA, Avatrex, Brand Management Group, LexJet, Utopia Digital Technologies, and S-One Labels & Packaging. Through its subsidiary companies, S-One has strategic alliances with Michelman, Toray America, Protect-all, Marabu Coatings, Vescom America, Fredrix Canvas, HP, and KODAK.