Sign Biz® President Accepts Leadership Role

Sign_Biz_LogoThe President of the California Sign Association (CSA) Board of Directors, Rocky Gruner, and the Association’s Executive Director, Brad Walker, welcomed the election of Ms Teresa M. Young to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of CSA, the first digital sector representative in this leadership role for the organization

CSA is the pre-eminent trade association serving California’s sign industry. Founded in 1959, CSA is an association of professionals representing manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, and users of signage and visual communication media. While Ms. Young was representing the digital (commercial) sign sector for several years on the Board, she will serve as an advocate for all association members in her 2011 role as 2nd Vice President.

It is the first time a digital, commercial shop representative has been elected to the Executive Committee, leading to the role of President of the Board in two years. Along with Gruner, also serving on the Executive Committee are Skip Moore, Past Chairman; Mark Gastineau, 1st Vice President; and Robert Shimmin, Secretary/Treasurer. Ms. Young received unanimous approval in the election by members of CSA’s Board of Directors.

“Teresa Young will make an outstanding addition to the CSA Executive Committee,” CSA Executive Director Brad Walker stated. “Her election demonstrates the Association’s commitment to engaging with the professional California sign companies, and in particular the growing commercial enterprises, for which CSA can be invaluable,” he added.

Ms. Young has more than twenty-five years of hands-on sign industry experience, including multiple Board roles. For the past twenty years, she has been President/CEO of Sign Biz, Inc., founder of nearly two hundred brick-and-mortar digital sign companies. She was previously Chairman of the International Sign Association, and currently Chairs its Sustainability Committee, and she has extensive experience in education and entrepreneurship.

“As a sign industry board member for the past decade, I experienced firsthand the power of a trade association to improve the conditions within which we do business,” said Young.

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