Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine Unveiled


Spartanics-CartonBackgroundPackage printers and others producing packaging made from carton stock such as pharmaceutical contract manufacturers can now achieve significant cost-savings with the innovative Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine, one of several state-of-the-art material handling systems ideal for the printed packaging industry, pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, and others with carton packaging applications.

Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine decreases costs of production in multiple ways:

* Totally eliminates tooling costs of traditional die cutting methods;

* Twenty percent-plus savings in scrap material during job setup; and

* Up to 20 percent savings in job setup time and associated labor costs.

Features of the Spartanics Carton Laser Cutting Machine include:

* Dual laser head design allows for cutting sheets up to 800 mm (31inches) or greater;

* Unlimited part size length and width up to 400 mm per scan head (16 inches);

* Accurate defect-free cutting of carton stock .75mm ( .030”) or less;

* Equally versatile with virgin or recycled materials;

* Advanced scoring capabilities within parts that perform better in folder-gluer industrial packaging machinery than traditional die cut arts;

* Optional bar code reading to enable change of cut configuration on-the-fly;

* Proprietary fume extraction system;

* Proprietary system for automated slug removal and conveyor belt cleaning; and more.

Additional specifications can be found here.

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