TRIVANTAGE Refocusing On Hassle-Free Service

TriVantage NewLogo

TriVantage NewLogoTRIVANTAGE is rolling out a new customer service vision that emphasizes a steadfast commitment to “getting it off their customers’ plates” with quality products and fair pricing backed by urgent, efficient and expert service.

The TRIVANTAGE service vision is being communicated to the industry through a new customer-focused tagline – “Order. Done. Good Call.”

“Our customers are craftspeople who want to focus their energies and their talents on creating quality boat covers, awnings and furniture, not on spending excessive time ordering fabrics and hardware,” said Steve Ellington, president of TRIVANTAGE. “Everything we do today is focused on assuring that we are an urgent, responsive company that takes the hassles of procurement off of our customers’ plates as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Customer-focused operational improvements are the impetus behind the new TRIVANTAGE vision. Improvements include development of redesigned catalogs that are easier to navigate; sampling materials with guaranteed continuity for two years; transparent and fair pricing; revamped telephone system; and continuing education and training to build on the product and industry expertise within the customer service and sales departments.  TRIVANTAGE is also developing a new e-commerce site that will incorporate the latest in online order processing.

As service enhancements continue, TRIVANTAGE is rolling out a new identity and tagline that reflect the new vision. The company name is changing from two words into one in all capital letters to reinforce simplicity and urgency. The logo features a vertical line and decorative ribbons. The vertical line represents TRIVANTAGE taking the burden of procuring materials off of its customers’ plates, while ribbons are a celebration of the innovative products crafted by TRIVANTAGE customers. The four-word tagline rounds out the new identity, emphatically stating the anticipated customer experience as “Order. Done. Good Call.”

The tagline represents the mission from the customers’ perspective – it reflects how the customer should feel about using TRIVANTAGE. “Order. Done. Good Call.” signifies a confidence that their needs will be met with a sense of urgency and accountability, that the sourcing task has been completed and that doing business with TRIVANTAGE is a good decision.

“We’re guiding TRIVANTAGE by a compass that points intensely toward customers’ needs,” Ellington said. “We believe that this is our purpose and the standard to which our customers hold us accountable.  The improvements we are making in operations and customer service are designed to deliver on this promise.”