Trotec Laser, Inc., Launches New Laserable Wood Panel Line

Trotec Laser Inc., announces a new offering of solid wood panels, panels with authentic wood veneer, plywood panels, and MDF board to the engraving market. The expansion of Trotec’s material range means that the laser manufacturer is broadening its existing portfolio of single-ply and multi-ply laser engraving and cutting materials.


“We want to be the first and most valuable resource for our customers,” says Warren Knipple, president of Trotec Laser Inc. “Due to the inherent relationship between laserable materials, such as wood, and laser systems, we felt ideally equipped to provide our customers and the industry with a high-quality, competitively priced wood and laminate solution. We can offer the most accurate application support in the industry, provide customers support in processing materials, and help customers best leverage their equipment. The expansion of our new materials business also allows us the opportunity to focus our laserable material R&D on better performance with lasers.

“But the most important benefit is that it creates convenience for customers, because we can offer them a one-stop resource for equipment, materials, and application support.”

Wood as a material is now more popular than ever. Its pleasant and rich appearance makes wood the favorite material for timeless and varied high-quality applications and uses. Trotec ensures that only the best wood cuts are used so the material can be precision processed on laser engraving equipment while retaining the authentic natural wood grain and texture. Finely-sanded and treated with a natural matte lacquer finish, wood panels from Trotec create a unique, high-quality appearance.

Wood can be engraved and cut with CO2 lasers with excellent results, and is frequently used as a material for model making and for structural elements. It is also a popular material for the production of personalized gifts, product displays, and high quality design elements.

Trotec provides a single-source of traditional, high-quality engraving materials, allowing Trotec customer even more possibilities for making their business more profitable. Trotec has a long global history of supplying laser and rotary consumables, the company has been a major player in the global consumables market since 1999.

More information about Trotec wood sheets and plastic laminates product lines can be found at the company’s Web site: