Trotec Presents the Speedy 100 Flexx

The Speedy 100 flexx is the perfect laser platform for entry-level laser users. With a working area of 24-by-12 inches, the unique laser engraver is optimally suited for all standard material sheet sizes. “The Speedy 100 flexx means maximum flexibility for our customers. Being able to offer more capabilities to our entry-level users will help broaden their product offering, making their company more profitable,” explains President Warren Knipple.

The Speedy flexx series is equipped with both a CO2 and fiber laser sources. This allows customers to perform endless applications. The CO2 laser source is ideally suited for engraving and cutting plastics, wood, rubber, leather, and many other materials. The fiber laser is the right tool for marking metals and plastics. Depending on the material, the two laser sources are activated alternately—in a single job, without needing to manually change the laser source, lens, or focus. The Speedy flexx series includes the Speedy 100 flexx, Speedy 300 flexx, and Speedy 400 flexx.

With the flexx function, Trotec’s patented technology, both laser sources can be activated in one easy step. The laser software JobControl guarantees time savings and flexibility throughout the day. The Speedy 100 grows with your business. The laser system is “ready for flexx,” this means a CO2 or a fiber laser machine can be upgraded at any time to a Speedy 100 flexx.

As part of the Speedy family, the Speedy flexx series offers many advantages. Speedy stands for the highest quality components, precision, innovative design and highest productivity. A large variety of options, such as various tables, lenses, a rotary engraving device or a camera system make it possible to configure the Speedy to suit your applications precisely.

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