Versatile, Multi-Functional LED Luminaire Replacement for 75 to 250W HID Fixtures

Nemalux introduces the MR LED luminaire, taking lighting versatility to a whole new level. The MR with its rich features offers an unprecedented level of flexibility for the replacement of traditional 75 to 250 Watt HID fixtures. The MR was created to respond to strong client demand for a multi-function LED luminaire that could be configured to fit a number of commercial and industrial lighting scenarios.

Leveraging years of experience in designing and manufacturing LED fixtures for some of the harshest environments, Nemalux created a fixture with universal application, eliminating the high cost and logistics complexity of stocking a substantial number of different fixtures even for small projects.

Broad beam distributions allow for a large variety of lighting patterns, while several adjustable brackets allow for a multitude of mounting.

The MRs low profile allows it to fit into the tightest spaces and its CID2 rating enables operation in hazardous locations.

Meanwhile a triple layer coating makes it suitable for coastal applications and unique finned design helps it run at maximum efficiency, even at 55°C.

The industrially hardened MR LED luminaire can be configured to meet the broadest range of commercial and industrial applications.

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