Noventri: “30-Day Customer Appreciation Program”

For valued Noventri customers that have purchased SF-100 players, Noventri will buy the players back for 60 percent of the original purchase price, applied toward the purchase of the new SF-200 (accessories not included), You must contact Noventri before May 18, 2013 to take advantage of this program.

Customers who own older Noventri products, such as SignFlash or SF-3000, should contact Noventri for trade-in options.

“We realize that even though the SF-100 and SF-200 share the same software and can live on the same network, some customers may want to keep their Digital Signage network homogeneous, as well as, receive the benefits of the SF-200 speed and upcoming features,” says David Linetsky, president of Noventri.

The Eco-Series SF-200 was launched just this week with a rave review. The SF-200 is a solid state device that can be used as a standalone player or as part of a LAN, WAN or via the Internet. It sports a small footprint at 5.1-inch-wide by 3.9-inch-diamter by 1.5-inch-high, weighs next to nothing, and consumes only 4 watts of power.

When combined with Noventri Suite Version 2.8 software, the player becomes a speedy, robust digital signage player that will meet the demands of heavy, enterprise level users.

For information, contact Noventri at 301/790-0103 or



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