New MaxLite Lighting Products

In addition to its Redwood Systems-ready LED Flat Panels already assembled on its West Caldwell, New Jersey assembly line, MaxLite® adds the ECO-T™ LED Recessed Troffer and Direct Lit LED Flat Panel Super High Output (SHO) to its lineup of United States-assembled and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)-compliant lighting fixtures. These indoor LED fixtures are suited for distribution in commercial and institutional environments such as offices, schools, hospitality and healthcare facilities.

“The assembly operation is up and running with strong capacity to create new LED fixtures quickly and efficiently,” said Zenny Haczyk, Director of Global Operations. “Our energy efficient, high value ECO-T and LED Flat Panel SHO are now available at shorter lead times and with flexible assembly variations. This enables us to locally configure these fixtures, while reducing lead times of extended supply chains, and meeting stringent construction schedules and ARRA-compliance.”

The DesignLights™ Consortium-approved ECO-T is designed with a classic housing featuring LED strips that emulate the look of a traditional fluorescent fixture in T‐bar grid (“dropˮ) ceilings, but operate with the energy saving, minimal maintenance and long life benefits of LED technology. Available in 45-watt 2’x2’ and 55-watt 2’x4’ models, the cost-effective ECO-T costs less than a typical fluorescent fixture after a typical $50 rebate, and delivers an instant ROI while reducing overall operating costs throughout its lifetime. The ECO-T effectively meets IES foot-candle requirements in standard classroom layouts, and saves up to 30 percent in energy without any reduction in lighting levels. View the product page for all specifications, listings, options, available utility rebates and downloadable data sheets.

The Flat Panel SHO is an efficient replacement for fluorescent fixtures and designed to lay-in (“drop”) ceilings that require a minimal installation depth. Available in 45-watt 1’x4’ and 2’x2’ models and a 60-watt 2’x4’ model, the LED Flat Panel replaces 150- and 175-watt fluorescent fixtures, respectively. The Flat Panel SHO enables even light distribution, minimal glare and accurate color rendering, and is dimmable to meet user preferences. See all specifications, listings, options, available utility rebates and a downloadable data sheet on the product page:



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