Marvel Sign and Tube Art Group Awarded NovAcryl® Preferred Fabricator Status

Marvel Sign & Display Inc. and Tube Art Group, leading manufacturers of ADA-compliant signage for the architectural industry, have joined the elite ranks as Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricators of NovAcryl®, the world’s most expansive line of high-quality photopolymer ADA signage.

Nova Polymers’ Preferred Fabricator status gives architects and designers the assurance they are working with the finest ADA sign fabricators in the industry. ADA sign fabricators go through a rigorous process to earn Preferred Fabricator status, including subjecting their manufacturing operations to audits that ensure compliance with material processing guidelines, ADA compliance, quality control, and cycle times.

Toronto-based Marvel Sign & Display Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of interior and exterior signs, including directional wayfinding systems. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1946, Tube Art Group is the largest family-owned, full-service sign company in the Pacific Northwest.

“As a Preferred Fabricators of NovAcryl® sign material, Marvel Sign and Tube Art Group now offer architects and sign designers the world’s broadest selection of ADA signage and have greater control over quality, delivery, and cost,” said Mike Santos, director of Sales and Product Development for Nova Polymers. “We all share the same values relating to quality, service, and environmental stewardship.”

Nova Polymers developed their Preferred Fabricator program to recognize sign fabricators listed as “acceptable manufacturers” in the NovAcryl® photopolymer 3-part CSI specification. NovAcryl® high-resolution raised graphics and tactile signage give architects and sign designers the creative freedom to make signs part of a building’s design. In a recent poll of sign industry professionals, NovAcryl® Designer Series photopolymer was considered to be artwork rather than wayfinding signage.