Bird-B-Gone Inc.® Performs In-house Testing on Bird Net 2000™

Bird-B-Gone Inc. performs in-house ISO 1806 & 9001 protocol testing on all colors of their bird netting. Testing is done at their manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California.

“We want to stand behind our guarantee so we go through extensive testing to ensure we maintain our industry-leading product quality,” says Chris Fields, bird control engineer at Bird-B-Gone.

Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Net 2000 is a professional grade of heavy-duty bird netting. It is made of polyethylene knotted net that is effective in blocking birds from entering unwanted areas.

Bird Net 2000 is U.V. stabilized as well as rot and waterproof. “Our bird netting has been the #1 specified net by architects and government agencies for years,” says Fields. Bird Net 2000 is subzero stable and is flame resistant  with a melting point at 270° Fahrenheit.

Bird-B-Gone Bird Net 2000 is available in three mesh sizes: ¾ inches, 1-1/8 inches and 2 inches as well as three colors: black, stone, and white. Black bird netting has a ten-year guarantee, while the stone and white colors carry a three year guarantee. Custom cuts and same day shipping are available! Bird-B-Gone technicians are always available to help design your installation.



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