Outwater Introduces Its Hercules Heavy Duty Aluminum Slatwall System

In addition to its other numerous slatwall products and related accessories, Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] now offers the Hercules Heavy Duty Aluminum Slatwall System, the first-ever aluminum interlocking modular slatwall system.


Less than one third the weight yet many times stronger than conventional and cumbersome MDF Slatwall panels, Outwater’s Hercules Heavy Duty Aluminum Slatwall System comprises extruded interlocking 8-foot-long-by-6-inch-wide-by-11/32-inch-thick UPS shippable lengths, which not only allow for lower transportation and delivery costs, because of its knock down modular design, it can be readily set up or broken down without any size constraints to easily suit permanent or temporary applications alike, such as in stores, trade show exhibits, garages, storage sheds, workshops, laundry rooms, closets, and more.


Boasting an unprecedented load bearing capacity of 300 pounds per square feet., Outwater’s Hercules Heavy Duty Aluminum Slatwall System is intended to interlock and be used in conjunction with traditional standard duty PVC slatwall in tasks where extra strength and load bearing capacity are required without any degree of compromise.

Offered in paintable satin or mill finishes, Outwater’s Hercules Heavy Duty Aluminum Slatwall System provides design flexibility and refinement, with integrated three-inch on-center groove spacings, which enable integral adaptability with preexisting interiors and use with all standard slatwall accessories and components.


Engineered to combine beauty and versatility with strength and durability, Outwater’s Hercules Heavy Duty Aluminum Slatwall System is offered along with a vast selection of super duty positive locking action slatwall accessories to suit a wide array of organizational requirements.



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