3A Composites’ Graphic Display Web site has Been Updated with a Fresh Look

The 3A Composites USA graphic display Web site has been updated with a fresh look and easy-to-navigate features that are compatible with all web-enabled devices. Whether a Web site visitor is utilizing a personal computer, smart phone, or tablet, he or she can order product samples via a new on-line shopping cart, locate distributors, interactively select graphic display board project solutions, and comment on the latest application blog posts.

"Mobility is the name of the game in today's business environment," said Brandon Wyatt, marketing manager, 3A Composites USA. "Not only is business conducted on the go but on multiple Internet-connected devices. We updated the graphic display website with responsive design to ensure compatibility with all devices. All of our website's features now are completely functional when accessed with both Windows-based and Apple-based PCs and tablets as well as with both Apple and Android smart phones."

The updated www.GraphicDisplay.com Web site has been designed with a retro look that reflects 3A Composites' "Trusted Brand Leaders" marketing communications campaign. This product branding campaign acknowledges that not only have 3A Composites' rigid substrates – including the Fome-Cor®, FiberMate™, Sintra®, Gator® , SMART-X® and Dibond® lines – achieved leading-brand status in the industry but many are the tried-and-true originals in their categories.

"Fome-Cor may be the best-known brand in the industry because it was the very first foam board introduced for creating graphic displays," said Wyatt. "Graphic designers and fabricators have been able to count on the high quality and proven performance of Fome-Cor board and of all our well-known brands for decades. And, they can continue to do so as we continually expand our product line with new rigid substrates because they're all backed by 3A Composites' trusted reputation."

The updated www.GraphicDisplay.com Web site includes several new and/or updated features, including:

On-line shopping cart. Web site visitors can order 3A Composites' graphic display board samples via a brand-new on-line shopping cart, which allows them to order a standard product sample pack or to customize a sample order to fit individual needs. Additionally, printed product sheets can be ordered – several of which are available in both English and Spanish – via the on-line shopping cart. PDF-formatted product literature, fabrication manuals and sustainability information also may be downloaded from the site.

Blog. All 3A Composites' graphic display articles – including product news and case histories – as well as featured projects from social media are accessible from the website's updated blog where comments are encouraged and graphic display industry discussions are fostered.

Project solutions. An updated interactive "solutions" area helps graphic designers to discover 3A Composites' graphic display board options designed to achieve their project goals. Designers can select their application and fabrication techniques as well as rigid substrate color, thickness and sheet size – all of which will result in highlighted graphic display boards available to meet these specifications.

Distributors. Web site visitors can input their street address and/or zip code to generate a list of nearby 3A Composites' graphic display board distributors. A click on these resulting individual distributor listings or on highlighted map icons will produce detailed distributor contact information.

Language choices. The searchable www.GraphicDisplay.com Web site now allows visitors to choose to view pages published in either English or Spanish. 3A Composites USA specializes in the manufacturing of leading substrates for the graphic display market in North America, Central America and South America. This updated Web site is designed to meet the needs of graphic designers and fabricators in all of the Americas.



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