Orbus Releases 2023 Catalogs

The Exhibitors’ Handbook®.

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group®, North America’s largest producer and manufacturer of visual communications solutions for tradeshows and events, retail environments and corporate interiors, is excited to introduce the 2023 editions of The Exhibitors’ Handbook® and Promo Handbook™ display product catalogs.

These catalogs are well known for being an unbranded resource Orbus offers to dealers to assist with selling and marketing display products.

Both catalogs provide one of the largest ranges of portable display products, fabric structures, modular exhibit solutions, display accessories, and related graphics.

The Exhibitor’s Handbook is designed for dealers in the sign and trade industry, while the Promo Handbook is designed for dealers in the promotional products industry.

The 2023 versions of these catalogs feature a re-designed cover, improved layout, new category images, and new product images for banner stands, Hybrid Pro™ modular kits, and table throws. The redesign of the interior is not only to enhance the appearance but also to be easier for dealers to adopt and use with their customers.

The Promo Handbook™.

Offered in digital form, the catalogs are downloadable from The Exhibitors’ Handbook and The Promo Handbook websites. The Promo Handbook™ is also available on ZOOMCatalog™ and can be customized with a dealer’s logo. Browse through to see what is new.

“We are proud to be able to offer these selling tools to best support our dealers with our extensive range of display products,” says Gary Keefer, CEO of Orbus.

“The new design increases the value of these catalogs and allows our dealers to sell easily.”

—Press Release