Herculite Launches Program Supporting Bantex Digital Media

herculite bantex media

Herculite, Inc., an industry leader in technical applications for flexible PVC and textile bantex digital mediacomposites, has launched a new brand communications program in support of its Bantex Digital Media product line for digital inkjet printing of vinyl banners and signs.

The program includes a new Bantex brand identity, realignment of product offerings, website, collateral materials, sales training for distributors and new product development. Also included in the program is a new distributor stocking program, Bantex Partners.

“The Bantex product line is engineered and manufactured specifically for exceptional color and image clarity and enhanced production efficiency for vinyl banners and signs created with digital inkjet printers,” said Craig Zola, vice president of marketing and distribution for Herculite. “The brand support program we’re launching for Bantex was created to support and enhance our distributor network and to better inform end users of the advantages of using Bantex Digital Media.”

The Bantex brand identity program includes a new logo emphasizing what the company is trademarking as “Bantex ColorSure Technology™,” encompassing how Bantex materials are designed and manufactured for color and image quality. Key features of Bantex ColorSure Technology include U.S.-sourced raw materials and a proprietary composite technology that incorporates superior chemistry and micro-texturing on the surface for enhanced color and image quality.

The new product alignment features six existing products with new brand identities:

· Bantex® Curl Free™ 13oz Two Sided
· Bantex® Curl Free™ 10oz Two Sided
· Bantex® Curl Free 10oz Blackback™
· Bantex® Premier 13oz Two Sided
· Bantex® Premier 10oz Two Sided
· Bantex® Supreme 18oz Two Sided

“Bantex Digital Media is the leading banner offering in the industry, and our printing customers tells us that they achieve exceptional color and image quality, guaranteed curl-free performance and efficient print production using Bantex,” Zola said. “Bantex offers an opportunity for printers to reach out to the upper end of the marketplace, particularly to leading brands that value the image and color quality Bantex offers.”

Other elements in the Bantex Digital Media branding program include a new website, featuring educational videos, case histories and a landing page where printers can submit examples of their work with Bantex.

Also included in the program are new sales collateral materials printed on Bantex Digital Media vinyl, trade media advertising and sales training provided by Bill Foster, Bantex national sales manager. Additionally, Dan Dix, a 30-year veteran of the industry who was instrumental in forming the Bantex distribution network, has taken on a new position as business manager of product development and innovation, focusing on continuous quality enhancement and new product development.