Brewery Bus Wrap Experience

After fourth-generation custom sign-maker HNS Signs completed a sign-painting project at Sadler’s Ales’ new taproom in Quinton, the brewery approached them about also wrapping their beer bus. The aim was to convey the brewery’s image and the taproom experience to a wider crowd at event settings and in a transportable format.

HNS proposed wrapping not just the outside of the vehicle but the inside too, which they felt would significantly contribute to creating a realistic pub ambience.

The project had a demanding timeline, since it needed to be ready for its first engagement at a city social. This left just three-and-a-half days to complete the project.

Another issue was the sheer size of wrapping such a large vehicle. Fortunately HNS Signs’ workshop was just big enough to fit the bus!

Once in, the whole HNS team literally got on board with the project and helped wrap the bus, staying late some evenings to stay on track. In fact, with the tight timeline, parts of the design were still being designed whilst other parts were being fitted, so multitasking and teamwork were paramount.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the vehicle,” said Joe Pycraft of Sadler’s Ales. “It had a teriffic impact at the city social.”